Big Al’s NFL Picks – Week 10

After posting another impressive week, Big Al is back for his week 10 picks in the NFL.

espn-nfl-week-6-picks-predictions-schedule-eagles-steelers-seahawks-packers.jpgOk I am not trying to brag, but I put in work last week. I went 10 for 13.  That puts my yearly tally to 73-58-2.  I am just saying…

(Home Team in CAPS)

BALTIMORE over Cleveland – The probability of the Browns not winning a game the entire year is unlikely, but I don’t see it this week.  They make too many mistakes and their talent is atrocious.  B-More is feeling good after their win against Pittsburgh and should keep it going at home.  Look for the running game to dominate.

Green Bay over TENNESSEE – If you have not seen the Titans play, you might think this will be an easy one cause of Mr. Rodgers but trust me this is going to be a good game. Mariota is playing good ball for a 2nd year QB, the running game is effective, and their defense is pretty good.  But Mr. Rodgers is getting his groove back and I think they should get this one on the road.  I look for a big play by Green Bay’s defense to be the difference.

WASHINGTON over Minnesota – I am just a seller when it comes to the Vikings.  Their offensive line is offensive.  Fragile Sam Bradford might not last until Thanksgiving if they keep letting him get hit like this and Washington has a good pass rush.  Cousins has picked up his game the last month or so, so I think they will put up enough points against a stingy Vikings defense.

Chicago over TAMPA BAY – I am going to ride a hot Cutler.  His game has picked up. He now looks as good as he looked bad in the start of the season.  He reminds des me of Jeff George (look him up), he is a GM killer.  Hot some months, sucks other months.  He is hot now, so I am riding him.

CAROLINA over Kansas City – Alex Smith is back and I don’t expect rust. Their defense is strong, BUT I like what I see from the Carolina’s defense and Cam is playing better. Going with the home team on this one.

PHILADELPHIA over Atlanta – Atlanta is hot and getting healthy, but Philly is pretty desperate right now.  At this time of the year- desperation is a huge factor in games. Philly will have trouble shutting down Atlanta’s high powered offense, so I think ball control will be their answer, so look for a ball-control attack.  Last week, Wentz pushed the ball downfield against the Giants, but I think this week will be more about dink-n-dunk down the field.  Should be a good game that goes down to the wire.

NY JETS over Los Angeles – I am calling this “Fitzpatrick’s last stand”, if he loses Bryce Petty will take the wheel as QB for the Jets. Look for the veteran defense to play well, as their back is to the wall too.  Still have not seen Todd Gurley and their Quarterback play has been average.  I think the Jets will respond this week to a disappointing loss to the Dolphins by attacking the Rams with a spread offense.

NEW ORLEANS over Denver – Denver is reeling, especially if their Aqib Talib is not back healthy. Brees should put up some points at home against the Broncs defense.  The Broncos running game has not helped, so Brees should get plenty of opportunity to put up points and that is never a good thing.

JACKSONVILLE over Houston – So I still think the Jags are the most disappointing team in the league this year, but this week they will represent at home against a divisional rival.  I think their defense is a good match for the Texans and their offense will put up some points.

SAN DIEGO over Miami – Rivers is having a great year and Melvin Gordon showed up last week.  The Chargers defense will shut down the Dolphins in what I predict will be a blow-out.

Dallas over PITTSBURGH – Game of the week. Historic rivalry, two winningest franchises in the NFL square off.  Last week Big Ben looked rusty early in the game, but he was pretty sharp by the 4th quarter, so I look for a sharp Ben the entire game.  This is a tough one to pick. The Steelers offense matches up well against Dallas because they have a balanced attack. The difference will be the Cowboys offensive line as they open massive holes and protect Dak. So Dallas’s passing game should be effective.  A close game, but Dallas will prevail on the road.

ARIZONA over San Francisco – The 49ers are a terrible team and the Cards are trying to keep up with the Seahawks.  Colin is not stinking up the joint, but he is does not have enough offensive weapons to truly capitalize in this system.  I expect David Johnson and Carson Palmer to have big days.

NEW ENGLAND over Seattle – Secondary best game of the week.  Super Bowl preview?? – maybe. The difference to be will be Brady’s sharpness and Russell’s inability to run consistently.  The Pats will slow down the running game and look to make Wilson a pure passer.  I still don’t see that sharpness in Russell Wilson’s game like previous years, so I am going with the Pats because of their offensive weapons.  The Seahawks defense is still beat-up and the Pats are not – simple as that.

NY GIANTS over Cincinnati – AJ Green is going to put in work- 125-150 yards – because the Giant defense does not put enough pressure on the QB. I think the Bengals defense though is not as good as past years and look for Odell B to have 2-3 big plays for TDs. Manning will have a big day as the Giants win a shootout.


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