Defying Fantasy Presents: Baller vs Brady Baller

Defying Fantasy Presents: Baller vs Brady Baller for Week 9 in the NFL.

Drew Brees
Drew Brees and his red hot offense could boast huge number against a porous San Francisco defense.

This segment is to give insight on fantasy football’s top performers for each week. If he’s going to be a stud for the week, he’s just that a Baller. If they aren’t projected to produce legit fantasy points, stay away from these players, their match ups are not favorable for your starting line-up. These players are not ballers, they’re not a legit play for the week, hints Brady Baller. You know, not exactly regulation. Do you get it yet? Com’ on people “deflate gate”, flat balls, now you’re with me!! No disrespect to the great Tom Brady, we’re just having a little fun here at Defying Fantasy.


Baller of the Week

Andrew Luck is week 9’s Baller of the Week. Luck is having a very good season this year. He’s quietly amongst the League leaders in passing yards (2,284) and touchdowns. (16) Luck is facing a Packer secondary that is very banged up, and may be without their top the cornerbacks. That should be an easy equation to solve. Andrew Luck + T.Y. Hilton + Done Moncrief (Packers’ secondary)-3= a very good fantasy day for Luck.



rodgersAaron Rogers vs Colts

Phillip Rivers vs Titans

Drew Brees vs 49ers

Dak Prescott vs Browns



benTyrod Taylor vs Seahawks

Ben Roethlisberger vs Ravens

Colin Kaepernick vs Saints


Brady Ballers

russEli Manning vs Eagles

Russell Wilson vs Bills

Blake Bortles vs Chiefs



Thin Ice

Derek Carr…Carr is ripping up the NFL so far this year. He’s Fresh off a 513 yards passing day, with four touchdowns. Derek is currently in the conversation of mid-season MVP, throwing for 17 touchdown with 3 picks in an eight game span. This week Carr gets to earn his potential post season award talk in Denver. That’s right you heard me, I said Denver. The NFL’s truly NO FLY ZONE!!!! So please tread lightly in Colorado with this match up. Derek Carr is in for a rough afternoon.


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