Big Al’s NFL Picks of the Week

With week 9 of the NFL season set to kick off, Big Al brings you his NFL Picks of the Week.

This is my first public posting of picks, but I have been doing it all season and so far I am 63-55-2.  Let’s do this.

(Home Team in CAPS)

julioAtlanta over TAMPA BAY – Tampa Bay will be feeling a certain kinda way after the heartbreaking loss to Raiders, especially at home.  But Falcons’ offense will be too strong for the Bucs D.

Pittsburgh over BALTIMORE  – My sources tell me that Big Ben is playing…Landry was not good enough to put up enough points – even with Brown and Bell as his playmakers. Big Ben is another story.  Expect some rust, but in a close game, I will will give the edge to the Black and Yellow.

Dallas over CLEVELAND – Dallas is on a roll. Coming off a major division win, the worry is a letdown.  Their running game should be good enough to win in Cleveland. We are getting close to Dallas having to make the call …Romo or Dak?

KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville – Jacksonville is the most disappointing team in the NFL in my book.  Their coach is on the hot seat, Bortles has regressed, and they can’t run the ball.  KC is clicking right now, so even without Alex Smith this should not be close.

MIAMI over New York – As a Jet fan this is hard to pick, cause I want them to run the table.  Jets Defense gives up too many points and Miami’s WRs should put in work against the Jets secondary.

wentzPhiladelphia over NEW YORK – Battle for 2nd place in the NFC east should be a good game. Even coming back from a bye, the Giants still have not found a running game and the offensive line should struggle against Fletcher Cox and the crew. Should be close, especially the way Philly’s wide receivers drop passes, but I give the edge to Philly in this one.

Detroit  over MINNESOTA – This was a hard one – cause this will be three losses in a row for Minny. But their offensive line is atrocious and Stafford is Ballin’ right now. Even against a good Viking defense, Lions should outscore the Vikings.

Carolina over LOS ANGELES – Is Cam and Panthers bouncing back …I think so.  Their defense is still suspect, but they should be ok against a weak Rams offense. Can somebody please tell me what is the deal with Gurley?

New Orleans over SAN FRANCISCO – Nuff respect for Cam and is politics but his team is horrible. The running game is average at best and they can’t stop people when they need to, so Brees should get busy and put up 30.

SAN DIEGO Over Tennessee – Sleeper game alert.  I love Titan’s offense recently, but I just think Rivers will be too much. Sand Diego defense is getting better every week. I really like their defensve line.

GREEN BAY over Indianapolis – A hard game to choose.  Both teams came into the season with greater expectations than their records reflect, so should be a hard fought battle.  Luck has been some-timey though and Aaron at home is hard to go against.

carrOAKLAND over Denver – A rival game. These games are usually good, especially when they are both battling for the division like they will be in this game. Denver’s defense will slow Oakland down, but I like hoe Oakland matches up against the Denver defense. Especially, if they can get ahead and run the ball against Denver.

SEATTLE over Buffalo – Both of these teams have surprised me this year. I love Russell Wilson, but he has been off this year and not all of it should be blamed on injuries. Seattle needs to find their running game. Is Marshawn’s retirement permanent?  At home, Seattle usually brings the defense and scores enough point


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