Lil Wayne Causes Stir With Black Lives Matter Comments

Lil Wayne is in trouble again, this time for giving his honest opinion.

“IS INTELLIGENCE ALWAYS MISUNDERSTOOD?” a question posed by Lil Wayne after catching heat for expressing views on black lives matter that are in-congruent with the people he claims to represent.  I have a better question; why are we shocked when someone who has never claimed to be deep shows us exactly who he really is? If he had said the same thing in a song no one except the same crowd who criticizes all young black music would have given it any attention.


The last album where Wayne’s lyrics had actual bite was Tha Carter III. On that album he transformed right before our eyes from a young hungry lyricist, to an off the top, rambling mumble mouth, who realized that consumers would buy more of his music if he quit thinking and writing. The song “A Milli” a single off that album, won him a Grammy and has sold over 2 million copies. That song was never meant to be anything more than an off the top freestyle for his mixtape but caught fire and stayed on the radio that year 24/7. After that, he quit writing and began recording all of his music the same way:

Step 1: Go in the booth

Step 2: Smoke some of the strongest weed possible and ingest many other intoxicants including Actavist(a prescription strength cough syrup), various pills, alcohol, etc. (these activities can also be done before you go in the booth)

Step 3: tell the engineer to play the music

Step 4: Say whatever comes to you, if you mess up start from where it made sense somewhat and start again

Following these steps has taken his career to levels no one except maybe he and Baby could have dreamed and he has never looked back.

I am not mad at Weezy for making a business decision that has made him boatloads of money, also turning him into a household name while driving up his appearance fees. I am just confused at the people that are confused when he says in an interview and I quote “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that aint got nothing to do with me” in reference to a question about the BLM movement.  This is the same guy that said in a song “beat the pussy up like Emmett Till”.  Now I am not going to explain who Emmett Till is and what the rhyme meant like the other lazy motherfuckers who only listen to rap music when they are trying to find something to criticize. I will go in a different direction highlighting the fact that he said similar line years earlier that made more sense on a song with Drake, “beat the pussy up call me Larry Holmes”, Holmes of course was a great boxer from the 80’s.

The problem is as I stated earlier, all of his rhymes come off the top of his head now so on the occasion that they make actual sense, it is probably something he has already said before, and because they are off the top, there is little if any thought that goes into them. So when he sits down for an interview, and only God knows why you would ask him anything about anything having to do with anything other than drugs, sexual positions, or guns because that’s all he raps about now, why would you get upset when he sounds out of touch? If he said something prolific, then you should react with disbelief, because he has rarely shown any inclinations of awareness of important issues in any other instance.

For the record I am not saying Wayne is an idiot, what he does is remarkable and I respect it. It’s just that when I go to the strip club, I don’t expect to get into an in depth conversation about world events with the dancers. Honestly I go to the strip club to get away from all of that and I would be crazy to get upset if I found out that Carmen thought the electoral college was next door to Morehouse. I go expecting to hear Lil Wayne free-styling a bunch of ignorant nonsense over a dope beat while Carmen rubs her fat booty all across my midsection. Intelligence is not misunderstood my friend, people are just looking for it in the wrong places and are getting upset when it is not there.


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