Letter Written By Tupac Sells For $170K

Auction sale proves that death nor time are enough to diminish the curiosity Tupac inspired.

A letter penned by Tupac during his prison stay in 1995 recently was auctioned off for $172,725. In the letter Pac details his first negative encounter with the police shortly after moving to Oakland from Marin County. “Two police officers knocked me unconscious for jaywalking and saying fuck the police, this event thrusted me into the second stage of thug life there were no rules or roadmaps in thug life just game and ambition.” The letter written to Nina Bhadreshwar a former Deathrow publicist, offers a glimpse into the mind of Tupac while serving his bid in New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility for sexual assault. The amount that the letter sold for shows that there is still a hunger for Tupac memorabilia and that hunger will surely increase over the coming months with the new movie “All Eyez on Me” scheduled to be released early 2017. Tupac has risen to global icon status and is to hip hop fans what Elvis is to rock and roll.






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