Defying Fantasy Presents: Baller vs Brady Baller Week 8

Defying Fantasy is back for the NFL Week 8, Baller vs Brady Baller.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson, although not completely healthy, has a chance to have a monster day vs a historically bad Saints’ defense.

This segment is to give insight on fantasy football’s top performers for each week. If he’s going to be a stud for the week, he’s just that a Baller. If they aren’t projected to produce legit fantasy points, stay away from these players, their match ups are not favorable for your starting line-up. These players are not ballers, they’re not a legit play for the week, hints Brady Baller. You know, not exactly regulation. Do you get it yet? Com’ on people “deflate gate”, flat balls, now you’re with me!! No disrespect to the great Tom Brady, we’re just having a little fun here at Defying Fantasy.


Baller of the week

Jameis Winston is week 8’s Baller of the week. Famous Jameis is quickly moving up the ranks of second tier quarterbacks. He has thrown for 488 yards with for touchdowns in his last two contest. Winston will likely continue his success this week facing the Oakland Raiders.



Russell Wilson vs Saints

Derek Carr vs Bucaneers

Andy Dalton vs Redskins

Matt Ryan vs Packers



Tyrod Taylor vs Patriots

Sam Bradford vs Bears

Dak Prescott vs Eagles


Brady Ballers

Phillip Rivers vs Broncos

Kurt Cousins vs Bengals

Cam Newton vs Cardinals

Thin Ice

Drew Brees…No, this is not a repost. Drew Brees is again our segment’s Quarterback on Thin Ice. Week 7 Drew invaded Arrow Head and passed for over 350 yards with 3 touchdowns. Week 8 he’s back in the Bayou cheered by 60k plus screaming Saints fans. He’s a must start, right? Not so fast!! The vintage Seattle Defense are guests of the Mercedes Benz Superdome this week. I can assure you the Seahawks are not going to be hospitable guest. Fantasy Owner tread with caution, Brees is on thin Ice.


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