Defy Life NFL Power Rankings Week 5

After 5 weeks of the 2016 season, this is where we stand in our NFL Power Rankings.

download-1Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings are the only remaining in the NFL. Based on what we knew before the season, this is nothing short of a surprise. When Teddy Bridgewater was lost for the season, everyone outside of Minnesota thought the Vikes were doomed. However, you have to credit head coach Mike Zimmer for remaining focused on winning and keeping his team on board.

Week 5 also marked the return of a certain quarterback in New England. Tom Brady didn’t have much rust to knock off, if any at all. The Patriots are right where they thought they’d be…atop the AFC East and in the elite category of our NFL Power Rankings.

1 MINNESOTA VIKINGS  5-0 The league’s lone undefeated squad is completely loaded in all three phases.
2 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES  3-1 Suffering their first loss does nothing to deminish the level on which this team is playing.
3 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS  4-1 Brady’s back and he seems as good as ever…although it was against the Browns.
4 PITTSBURBH STEELERS  4-1 Not sure if there is a defense in the league that can keep this team under 30 points when they’re operatiing on all cylinders.
5 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS  3-1 If Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham continue to play like they have, this team is increasingly dangerous.
6 ATLANTA FALCONS  4-1 This year’s 4-1 surely seems a heck of a lot more impressive than last year’s 5-0.
7 GREEN BAY PACKERS  3-1 The defense looks legit. I’m still not sure what’s going on with Aaron Rodgers, however. He doesn’t look like himself.
8 DENVER BRONCOS  4-1 Is it concerning that the Broncos look that bad on offense minus Trevor Siemian?
9 DALLAS COWBOYS  4-1 Dak and Zeke have Dallas buzzing like we haven’t seen in a while. That offensive line is legit!
10 OAKLAND RAIDERS  4-1 You gotta feel good for Raiders’ fans. This long suffering group has a real reason for optimism.
11 ARIZONA CARDINALS  2-3 The Cards have not been who we thought they were, but they’re getting back on track.
12 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS  2-2 This team has be chomping at the bit to get back on the fiels after being dismantled by Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago.
13 CINCINNATI BENGALS  2-3 Something is off about this team. One thing’s for sure…the offense misses Hue Jackson.
14 WASHINGTON  3-2 Three wins in a row have Washington on the right track.
15 BALTIMORE RAVENS  3-2 Close losses continue to haunt the Ravens. Will the change in offensive coordinators make a difference?
16 NEW YORK GIANTS  2-3 At what point do we start looking directly at Eli Manning for the offensive troubles in New York?
17 BUFFALO BILLS  3-2 Rex has his team playing well. But, I’m not getting too excited yet.
18 LOS ANGELES RAMS  3-2 Case Keenum is still the QB, right?
19 HOUSTON TEXANS  3-2 How long before Brock Osweiler is mentioned in the same breath as Scott Mitchell and Neil O’donnel?
20 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS  1-3 The Saints are one of the harder teams to gauge. The offense is inconsistent, but explosive and the defense is inconsistent, but terrible.
21 NEW YORK JETS  1-4 Ryan Fitzpatrick is now a verb. Looks like the Jets got “Fitzpatricked’ this offseason.
22 DETROIT LIONS  2-3 One more win…one more week of employment for Jim Caldwell.
23 CAROLINA PANTHERS  1-4 It was hard telling Panther fans this offseason that you don’t just start back in Super Bowl contention is a new year. Hope they hear me now.
24 TENNESSEE TITANS  2-3 Encouraging signs in Tennessee. However, they must be able to sustain success from week to week.
25 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS  2-3 They can continue to blame whomever they want in Indy. Fact is, none of them are very good right now.
26 CHICAGO BEARS  1-4 How bad are things when you’re counting on  Brian Hoyer to save the season? Sheesh…
27 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS  1-3 Remember when Jacksonville was the sexy sleeper pick before the season started?
28 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS  2-3 Encouraging win over the Panthers Monday night. But, this team still sabotages itself far too often.
29 MIAMI DOLPHINS  1-4 The folks in Miami can’t be overly excited about the Steelers coming to town.
30 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS  1-4 I’d love to work in San Diego, where all the clocks must stop at 58 minutes.
31 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS  1-4 Just play Kaepernick for goodness sake…
32 CLEVELAND BROWNS  0-5 It’s getting the point where “The Factory of Sadness” seems too subtle of a title for Cleveland. How ’bout “Just F****n’ shoot me!!!”

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