You Got Robbed!!!

In Hip-hop getting robbed is a rite of passage.

sol“Somebody kicked in the door. One dude ran in, put the AK to my homeboy’s head, put him to the floor. The other two ran in, and my homeboy jumped in the other room. I really can’t dwell on what happened after that, but it was a messed-up situation, but I’m glad everyone made it out alive,” Soulja Boy describing getting his house robbed after returning home from the club back in 2009.

Rappers have been getting robbed ever since there have been rappers, and with the most recent incidents involving Kim Kardashian, Drake, and Sean Kingston, criminals are realizing that with proper planning one well thought out lick could pay big dividends. In Kardashian’s case the robbers were dressed as policeman and made off with over $10 million dollars in jewels without firing a shot.

The odds of her getting her possessions back are a long shot as these criminals were obviously professionals who had a plan, most likely knowing exactly where to go and what to do with the treasures as soon as they got them.  The black market of Europe offers thieves’ endless opportunities to move product and stolen items like what was taken from Kim can be very difficult to trace. Diamonds the size of the massive 20 carat ring she had can be cut into smaller unrecognizable pieces and easily sold eventually working their way back into the cases of legitimate jewelers.

In Drake’s case someone came on his tour bus and lifted $3 million dollars “in precious stones and metal” located in a brief case says the phoenix PD.  The suspect, Travion King, was arrested while roaming the campus of Arizona State University with the brief case, #dumbass, obviously having no idea what he had.  Drake was on stage at the time and was never in any danger.

The goons that got Sean Kingston were of much more the normal rapper variety sparking a now infamous beef between the Game and Meek Mill.  Kingston has already filed a $900,000 dollar lawsuit against the club owner claiming that the club security of the establishment was involved in the heist and did not render aid when he was in trouble.  Game and Meek Mill were both present during the incident but were not in the immediate vicinity when Kinston was approached by the two assailants who proceeded to beat the chain off him valued at approximately $500,000, and escape out of a side door.

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