Who are you talking to?

In the midst of another set of police killings, black folks are pleading for justice. But, who are you talking to?

downloadBlack people have been trying to plead our way into the collective conscious of this country since it was initially colonized. From negro spirituals to marches to #hashtags, we have beaten that horse past the point of recognition.

So, now that we are faced with more blatant evidence that the majority doesn’t sympathize, empathize (and refuses to realize) our concerns…why are we still asking for them to hear us?

I’ve been there, trust me. Embroiled in a “please understand” session with people who don’t want to see things from my perspective. Very highly intelligent, successful, functioning members of society who act as if the evidence laid in front of them were a damn calculus equation. They are not stupid. They are not blind. THEY. DON’T. CARE.

Most of these people who go out of their way to insert their rhetoric, condemning us for speaking up are the same people who conveniently go absent when another senseless murder happens…with video to accompany it.

These are people we know. We give all the similes and metaphors. Simplifying and dumbing down our pain. All in the hopes that maybe…just maybe…they’ll actually feel the hurt in our cries. But, seriously, why should I have to reduce my existence to some inanimate object such as a burning house or a hypothetical event like a cancer rally to get these folks to understand? Even with all the redundant examples, they claim to be immune to understanding. In the words of Andy Dufresne, “How can you be so obtuse?”

I grew up with a lot of these folks. Sat in AP and Honors math and language classes next to them. So, I know they are highly capable of understanding metaphors and statistics. Yet…they blame me for imagining these issues.

And I’m not just talking about white people. It’s all people who want to – or have been trained to – distract from the issue at hand, only to bring up some other trained issue. As if that justifies or belittles the fact that I just watched another unarmed human being get slain in the street out of sheer fear or cold-blooded disrespect.

Therefore, I’m done. I’ve rid myself of the burden to prove to blatantly stubborn people.

So, again, I ask you. Who are you talking to? The people that are open and willing to listen to what you’re saying are the ones that don’t need to hear your cries. They are already  a part of the conversation. They are also, likely, already taking action by living their daily lives in accordance.

Why are we continuing to beat our heads up against a wall, just to be told that we’re delusional and/or need to move to another country? Why do we have this ingrained need for approval and validation from the masses. The system does not care if my next door neighbor or the dude I went to high school with doesn’t understand the plight of people about which I care deeply.

Look, I’m more than willing to have open, honest and vulnerable conversation. Progress can truly be made if one is willing understand the components of genuine conversation. However, I have zero tolerance for deflection, cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance or overall trolling fuckery. When I want to discuss Chicago, presidential candidates or be told to stay in my place, I’ll wait for you to start your own conversation.



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