Defy Life NFL week 1 Power Rankings

We reveal our initial NFL Power Rankings for the 2016 NFL season.

Mike Tomlin
Mike Tomlin will lead a Pittsburgh team in search of Lombardi trophy number seven.

NFL regular season is ready to get underway, we check in with our initial NFL Power Rankings for the 2016 NFL season. As always, it will be fun to watch the Power Rankings fluctuate as the weeks go by.

The cream of the NFL crop includes your usual suspects, Patriots, Seahawks and Packers. The same goes for the bottom-feeders of the NFL, Browns, Dolphins and Rams.

Well, here goes. Enjoy…and commence with you degradation of my very existence!!!

1 Arizona Cardinals 0-0 The Cardinals have the most complete roster in the NFL. If the 36-year-old Carson Palmer can stay healthy, this team could be dominant.
2 Carolina Panthers 0-0 To hell with a Super Bowl hangover. The Panthers should actually be better in 2016 than they were last season…even if the regular season record doesn’t reflect as much.
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0 Even with budding star Martavis Bryant out all of 2016 and stud Le’veon Bell likely out for the first four games, the Steelers boast the most explosive offense in the NFL. The key will be the continued growth of a young defense.
4 Seattle Seahawks 0-0 The Seahawks’ defense is as strong as ever. The offense, led by Russell Wilson, should be much improved. The return of Jimmy Graham should play dividends.
5 New England Patriots 0-0 We all know Tom Brady is the straw that stirs the Patriots’ potent drink. He’ll be missing for the initial four contests, so how will Jimmy Garoppolo man the ship?
6 Kansas City Chiefs 0-0 Andy Reid has a steady offense with Jamaal Charles returning from injury. And the defense is should be stout. The key will be safety Eric Berry and play as he deals with contract squabbles.
7 Green Bay Packers 0-0 The return of Jordy Nelson and the reformation of Eddie Lacy will do wonders for the offense. The relocation of Clay Matthews will do the same for the defense.
8 Cincinnati Bengals 0-0 Another well-rounded roster. The Bengals are as complete a unit as there is in the league. However, can Marvin Lewis, Andy Dalton and crew finally get over the playoff hump?
9 Denver Broncos 0-0 The Broncos endured critical change at QB after winning the Super Bowl. Can Mark Sanchez keep this car on the road? Ehhh…we’ll see.
10 Buffalo Bills 0-0 Is Tyrod Taylor on his way to becoming a star? Does Rob Ryan have the goods to fix the defense? Is the offensive line…you get the point. Too many questions here in Buffalo to become a believer this early.
11 Oakland Raiders 0-0 Are the Raiders becoming one of the model organizations in the NFL? It seems that way. A young, talented core and a smart, patient GM (Reggie McKenzie) are leading this proud franchise back to prominence.
12 Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0 Jacksonville seems to be the sexy pick to surprise in media circles. I, however, am reserving a bit of my excitement. But, with young pieces like Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and Dante Fowler, this team has tons of potential.
13 Washington 0-0 This is one of the more underrated teams in the league. Washington, if QB Kirk Cousins continues to trend upward, should again push for an NFC East title.
14 New York Jets 0-0 With QB Ryan Fitzpatrick back in tow, this team should be ready to compete for a playoff berth again…after just missing the postseason in 2015.
15 Minnesota Vikings 0-0 Adrian Peterson is still the best back in the league. Also, this Vikings defense is a potent one, led by Linval Joseph, Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith.
16 Houston Texans 0-0 Do the Texans finally have a QB they can rely upon in Brock Osweiler? Early camp results are promising. If so, the rest of this roster is pretty loaded. Especially a defense led by J.J. Watt and the ready-to-explode Jadeveon Clowney.
17 New York Giants 0-0 The Giants, on offense, should be explosive with Eli Manning getting the rock to Odell Beckham jr, Victor Cruz and talented rookie Sterling Shepard. They spent a lot of money upgrading the defense in free ageny.
18 Incianapolis Colts 0-0 Of course, the big key, is figuring out which Andrew Luck we’ll see in 2016. My bet is on the ascending version we saw before 2015. The offensive line and pass rush will must be improved as well.
19 Baltimore Ravens 0-0 Despite all the sunny talk from John Harbaugh, I’m not buying this Ravens outfit as a legitimate contender. Joe Flacco is back…so there’s that.
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0 Jameis Winston seems poised to become the next big NFL star QB. He definitely has the weapons to do so, if the protection holds up. The defense could be poised for a breakout.
21 Dallas Cowboys 0-0 Every year, folks have high expectations for the Cowboys…and every year, they wind up disappointed. With concerns at pass rusher and linebacker, as well as the health of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, this could be a boom-or-bust season in Dallas.
22 Atlanta Falcons 0-0 Let’s be real here. Matt Ryan is what we know him to be at this point. And I’m not so sure that is enough to lead a sub par roster into playoff contention. Down days in Atlanta.
23 Los Angeles Rams 0-0 New digs…same old Rams. Jeff Fisher may not make it another year in Hollywood if the Rams don’t see the playoffs.
24 Miami Dolphins 0-0 Ryan Tannehill is stil the quarterback, right?  Yeah, enough said on offense. Hopefully for Miami fans, Ndamukong Suh and the defense can shoulder the load.
25 Detroit Lions 0-0 Megatron has left the building and I find it hard to believe this offense will get better without the most gifted receiver of his generation. Looking forward to seeing the continued progress of Ziggy Ansah, however.
26 Philadelphia Eagles 0-0 Right now, we know very little about Doug Pederson as a head coach. What we do know is that Sam Bradford is the starting QB…not something Eagles’ fans are overly excited about.
27 Chicago Bears 0-0 Gonna be a gloomy year in the Windy City. Jay Cutler seems destined to regress without Adam Gase at OC. And the defense is still in transistion.
28 New Orleans Saints 0-0 The Sean Payton / Drew Brees combination is no longer enough to carry a dismal defense to victory. But, it’ll be fun to watch when Brees is throwing the ball around on offense.
29 Tennessee Titans 0-0 Hopefully, the running combo of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry can carry the load, because I’m not getting a good feeling about Marcus Mariota and the passing attack.
30 San Diego Chargers 0-0 Phillip Rivers should lead an always potent passing attack. But, can second-year back, Melvin Gordon, beging to live up to his first-round draft grade? Pass rusher Melvin Ingram should have a big year in 2016.
31 Cleveland Browns 0-0 Hue Jackson and Robert Griffin III look to do what 35 combined coaches / QB’s have failed to do in the past decade. Hey, Cleveland, at least you have the Cavs!!! 
32 San Francisco 49ers 0-0 Things were already bad enough in San Francisco…Colin Kaepernick actually decided to exercise his rights and the world exploded. And, oh yeah…Chip Kelly is the coach. That’s good enough for 32nd on this list.

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