Colin Kaepernick jersey sales soar

The jersey sales of Colin Kaepernick have skyrocketed since his protest of the national anthem.

imagesColin Kaepernick has faced plenty of scrutiny for his refusal to stand for the national anthem. But he’s also garnering plenty of support.

In fact, Kaepernick jersey sales are skyrocketing since he took his stance. The NFL Shop best sellers list shows the Kaepernick white jersey as the No. 1 best seller and the Kaepernick red jersey as the No. 6 best seller. Kaepernick has quickly overtaken Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott as the top jersey seller in the league.

A month ago, before Kaepernick sat out the anthem, his jerseys were hardly selling at all. And that makes sense, as he was a backup quarterback coming off a terrible year whom the 49ers would have traded if they had been able to find any team willing to take his $11.9 million guaranteed salary.

But now that Kaepernick has spoken out against police brutality, a lot of people want to show their support. And putting Kaepernick’s name on your back is an easy way to do that.

This dispels the notion, posed by many, that Kaepernick is a league-wide pariah. Hopefully, for Kaepernick and his cause, he continues to develop his strategy to influence the changes he and many deem necessary. Taking the brunt of the criticism and responding accordingly has been productive in getting pockets of people to see things from a different perspective. As those pockets expand, Kaepernick could very well be the catalyst for actual change and progress.


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