Pull off the ultimate tailgate

Football season  is approaching. We’ll give you all the do’s and don’t’s of pulling off the perfect tailgate.

1. Food is king!!!

FOODFirst and foremost, be sure that those in charge of manning the grill, know what they are doing. There’s nothing worse than a tailgate with horrible-to-mediocre eats. From the menu selection to shopping to food prep to the actual cooking, you’ve got to be on your A-game. Step out a bit and get away from just burgers and dogs. Trust me, you (and your crew) will be better for it. No one wants your lame menu.Venture out to chicken, ribs, brisket and exotic sides…that’s the way to go. Develop your own signature dish for at least one item. You’ll draw bigger crowds and everyone will be happy. No matter what else goes on, if your food is great, your tailgate will continuously be well-attended.

2. Be sure the music is on point.

MUSICThere may exist somewhere, dwelling in some deep, dark cave,  the rare beast that does not enjoy quality music. The atmosphere of a tailgate is the tell-all of good time. If you’ve got one person in charge of music, be sure again, that he know’s his way around a playlist. Your DJ should be keen at observing people. If the crowd is feeling the currently-playing genre, stick to it. If folks are not vibing…find something else. There must be something to keep people around and connected before – and then – after they eat.

3. Don’t forget the drink.

DRINKEven if you do not consume alcohol, keep in mind that many people do like to unwind with a cold, tasty, adult beverage. Be sure your crew supplies enough libations to endure the day. Also, if there is that one friend who routinely brings the Bud Ice and always seems to have a Heineken in his hand…call his ass out on it!!! Seriously though, most people will enjoy your event much more if they stop by and can have a drink. And they have on the opposing team’s jersey…then NO DRINK FOR YOU!!!

4. Make it appealing to the ladies.

girlsSo, if you follow numbers 1-3 correctly, this should all lead to number four falling into place. One thing I’ve learned from cooking/tailgating is that women love to eat just as much as their male counterparts. Don’t exclude the ladies, sir. Provide tasty food, great music and a few drinks, and your tailgate will flocked with the fairer sex every weekend. Word to the wise, however, regarding music. No woman – at least the ones you want hanging around your scene – wants to hear DMX and Ja’Rule barking and screaming at them all day. Don’t forget to mellow it out a bit as the day wears on.

5. Live to tailgate next week.

safeLast, but certainly not least, is safety. On they way to the game, be sure everything is strapped down and your grill is hitched correctly. Be sure to keep hot water in a cooler with soap around so hands may be washed. Be sure avoid cross-contamination when handling meat. Keep an eye on flames and watch out for others (especially kids) around the gill area. And most paramount, be sure that your crew and your guests, are all good to drive home. The last thing anyone wants is to have someone get pulled over for DUI, or even worse, not make it home in one piece. So have fun and be safe!!!

With all that being said…enjoy this football season and rock that tailgate experience! Be sure to check back frequently throughout the season for food/cocktail recipes and fun tailgate ideas.

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