Keys to planning the perfect winter vacation

We’ll guide you through the steps of planning the perfect winter vacation.


1. Learn the fine art of cocktails

If there is one thing that most everyone will agree on regarding the holidays, it’s the absolute importance of the holiday cocktail. So, man up before the holiday and learn how to make a few signature cocktails yourself. Trust me, you’ll be the star of any holiday dinner and then you won’t have to worry about making consistent small-talk. Just whip out that cocktail shaker and amaze your friends with a perfect Snakebite. I spent last summer learning how to prepare a handful of unique cocktails so that I’ll be prepared for this season’s abundance holiday parties.

2. Book a place to crash that has a kitchen

Even if you’re traveling for the holidays, you likely don’t want to miss the carb-heavy Thanksgiving dinner – it really is just too good to miss! So when you plan for your destination party, book yourself into an Innclusive spot rather than a hotel. Just make sure the apartment has a worthy kitchen. Your holiday will be that much more memorable and just plain better than the generic pre-cooked meals you’ll get at most hotel restaurants.

3. Take a course to escape the monotony

What better way to treat yourself during the holiday season than to get out of the house and learn something different and new? Check any local deals websites for bar-tending or cooking classes when you’re in a new city. They’re simple, fun things to do as a small group of friends or family. Plus you’ll learn something new – and that’s really the best gift you can give yourself.

4. Plan the epic NYE party

The holiday season can be a long and draining, especially as you fit in a seemingly constant visits to old friends and family. However, take New Year’s Eve seriously and plan something special for yourself. There are two ways to do this: plan something romantic with your significant other, or just plan a crazy holiday escape with your best buddies. Either way, it’ll be worth it. Sure there’s New York City on NYE, but that’ll always be there. Do something you’ll remember forever…or at least until next New Year’s!

5. Don’t let the weather get you down

Thankfully the months of November and December often mean you can count on Christmas markets for the essential evening pick-me-ups (anybody say Old Fashioned!) just about wherever you are on Earth. So, as long as you keep a positive attitude regarding daylight hours and the weather, any winter holiday can be enjoyable. Hell, I visited Toronto for the first time one winter and despite the freezing cold temps, the city had so many fun activities and events going on that it was hard not to have a ball. Pack warm—big jackets, layers and plenty of gloves and scarves. Or, you could always bring a loved one and just lay up inside the entire trip!

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