Second- and third-year NFL players ready to break out in 2021 – Defense edition:

Once again, we have reached a part of the offseason, where there’s not many transactions or otherwise important moves to analyze around the NFL. So I took the time to put on the tape of players from the 2019 and ’20 drafts and identify which of them are bound to break out this upcoming season.

To avoid subjective interpretation of which players are or are not eligible for making this list anymore, I already stated that they can’t have made a Pro Bowl / All-Pro team so far or are just generally considered one of the top players at their position already, like a Quinnen Williams or Darnell Savage for example. To go along with that, players that have reached double-digit sacks or tackles for loss, or led his team in another major category, are excluded. Oh, and the players that made my list already last year, won’t repeat doing so.

Defensive Rookie of the Year candidates like Antoine Winfield and Jeremy Chinn did not qualify, Derrick Brown may not be in position to rack up big numbers, but he was already dominant for stretches in the middle of that Panthers defense this past season and Cardinals linebacker Isaiah Simmons was too obvious for me, since he was my number two overall prospect a year ago and should be in much better position to make plays, in a more defined role.

Just like the offensive edition, two of the first three players mentioned here were selected in the middle of the first round, but the other six names all went on day two or later.

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Second- and third-year NFL players ready to break out in 2021 – Offense edition:

Now that we’re in this sort of dead part of the offseason, where all the main player acquisitions have been processed and all the moves have been analyzed, it was time for me to put on the tape of players from the 2019 and ’20 drafts and identify which of them are bound to break out this upcoming season.

Since that is a subjective definition, I set myself parameters of some statistical milestones and other factors that these players must not have reached yet. So you won’t find anybody who has already made a Pro Bowl or All-Pro team, quarterbacks are excluded if they have already thrown for 4000 yards or 25 touchdowns in a season and for running backs and receivers, they’re not allowed to have already cracked 1000 yards rushing or receiving respectively and/or double-digit touchdowns. And if somebody is just generally considered one of the top players at their position already, I didn’t mention them either. Plus, you won’t see guys on here that already my list a year ago.

A lot of these lists primarily include first-round picks and a couple of guys that already broke out, but people didn’t really know about before last season. You won’t see any running backs or wide receivers from 2019, because those guys have either broken out already or I had them on my list last year – D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin, Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery and others. As far as last year’s rookie class goes, Joe Burrow to me has already shown the ability to be a franchise quarterback, other than Henry Ruggs III and Jalen Reagor, all the other receivers that went in the first round last year were at least flirting with the 1000-yard mark, and two of the three offensive tackles drafted in the top 20, that actually played the majority of games as rookies, have established themselves as long-term starters in my opinion (Jedrick Wills and Tristan Wirfs).

So while we start with a high draft pick from 2020, most of the guys on this list went quite a bit later.

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NFL teams most likely to go from worst to first in 2021:

We have spent a lot of time on analyzing what NFL teams have done this offseason to improve their roster, detailing every single draft pick, discussing the most improved position groups and pointing out the biggest remaining needs for every single squad. Now it’s time to project how these moves will impact the outcome of the 2021 season, in regards to how much the bottom teams have improved and their chances to turn things around.

So here I listed the teams, that just finished fourth in their respective division, and ranked them based on the likelihood of winning it this year. I will describe the team itself, including some of the changes on the roster and coaching staff, talk about the challenges they will face inside their division and take a look at the schedule a little bit, in order to determine their chances of hosting a playoff game come next January. I also added a percentage at the very end, that I would give them of doing so.

Let’s get into it:

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Screenings With Migs: Summer Of Soul

In the summer of 69 a festival that celebrated black love, black culture, black music, and black pride took place in Harlem. The Harlem Cultural Festival was an epic concert series but unless you were there it’s likely you didn’t have any knowledge of the event. The event was filmed but the footage wasn’t released and so it sat collecting dust for 50 years. Thankfully Questlove (the film’s director) and producer Robert Fyvolent came together to bring the footage to light. I went to an early screening on Monday. I had a smile on my face the entire movie!

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Movies With Migs: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

I’m a fan of the original so I was excited when I picked up passes to attend an advanced screening of Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard at Cinemark on June 10th. The next day I went to the AMC early access screening. After the events of the first film Michael (Reynolds) is still experiencing post-traumatic stress. Since losing his license to bodyguard due to the actions of hitman Darius Kincaid (Jackson) Michael can’t get the images out of his head. He sees Darius EVERYWHERE! Even in his dreams. His therapist tells him to forget body guarding and take a vacation. Michael takes her advice which turns out to be a bad move because Sonia Kincaid has tracked him down and says she needs him to help rescue Darius! The rescue turns into a super bloody mess and after a weird series of events the trio get forcefully recruited by Interpol to help save England from a madman’s vengeful plot.  

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Movies WIth Migs: A Quiet Place Part II (Full Review…No Spoilers)

If you are reading this I’m assuming you’ve watched A Quiet Place. If not I recommend you do that then come back here. It’s a well written monster thriller (for the most part) and ended up being my number 3 film of 2018 (Click the link for reference The first time watching it in the theater was a fun experience. It was tense and you could hear a pin drop. The thrills had my heart pounding. Needless to say I was all in when the sequel was announced for 2020. I pre-booked tickets! Then covid happened and Part II got delayed…..

Fast forward to May of 2021!! No more delays. Theaters across the US were re-opening and A Quiet Place Part II was touted as “the movie you want to go back to the theater for”. I wanted to get myself prepared so I upgraded to a 4K steelbook edition of the original and watched that right before I saw it a day early on May 27th.

Part II was awesome! As you can see from the picture I’ve seen it twice. Premium format for this movie is the way to go. If you have premium options available and you haven’t seen this yet I recommend you pay the extra money. AMC A Listers….you know what to do! It looked great in IMAX and Dolby. Those monsters (or are they aliens?) are scary looking and you get to see more monster mayhem in the sequel. The movie starts with an intense flashback scene of Day 1 and opens right where the first one ended. The Abbotts decide to leave their farm after surviving an attack to see if there are any other survivors. They find Emmett (Cillian Murphy), an old friend who has become cynical and weary since none of his family was left. He’s reluctant at first but he eventually agrees to help the Abbotts as they venture out into hostile territory. I really liked the addition of Murphy to the cast. He played his role well and you felt for his character. There’s a tense moment where the family first runs into him that had me gripping my seat. I liked how that was set up. Emily Blunt does her thing as Momma but Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan, had a bigger role and she handled it well. You can see the evolution of her character after the events of the first film. Throughout the movie there are nice scares that made me jump a few times. I even jumped during a scene the second time I saw it. There was a decrease in tension however that was offset by an increase in monster action so it worked out. I did have a couple of questions after seeing this one. The flashback scene made me wonder where the creatures came from. I also need more information on the people at the docks because what in the hills have eyes……

The trailer showed too much (ARRGHHHHH) but I still had a great time seeing A Quiet Place Part II. It will be in my top ten for 2021 for sure. This Wednesday theaters everywhere will be showing a double feature so check your local listings. I’ll be at my local AMC for it!

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Migs Rodriguez

Most improved position groups of the 2021 NFL offseason:

The main parts of the offseason and player acquisition are now over and it’s time to look at who was able to upgrade their roster – on paper at least. In this write-up, we will analyze which teams managed to address a certain position group and really improve it compared to a year ago, through free agency, trades and the draft.

For the purpose of this exercise, we only look at who these squads actually had for the season, but at the same time they don’t get points for getting a player back, that already was on the roster and didn’t miss the majority of the year with injuries. So the Giants running backs aren’t going to make the list, just because Saquon Barkley is coming back, for example.

Let’s dive into it:

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