Stefon Diggs: Dynasty Stock Market Watch Update 7/9/2020

Stefon Diggs Dynasty Stock Market Update (Dynadaq)

Stefon’s new Diggs in Buffalo. How does a new team affect his Dynasty Stock and the value of John Brown and Cole Beasley?

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COVID 19 Hits Close to Home

What a week it has been for ½ of Lin and Kim.  On Monday June 29th, I (Kim) got a phone call from one of my best friends telling me that her son- in- law tested positive for COVID 19.  Three days later I got another call from another dear friend informing me that her brother- in- law and sister both tested positive for the virus.  The brother- in- law was hospitalized for several days, and was discharged on oxygen. Until that time, he had been completely healthy.  Fast forward to July 4th.  The day was going well.  My family and I celebrated my brother’s 56th birthday social distance style.   Mom prepared dinner, fixed the plates and put them on the front porch.  A few family members (only 6) stopped by.  We sang Happy Birthday from more than 6 feet apart.  It was cute and a good day. 

As we were getting ready to go our separate ways home to eat the wonderful dinner mom prepared, I got another phone call.  The third call of the week.  This call is not unusual because the person on the other line is a person I talk to every day.  I answer and my friend says “I hate to share this news with you.”  My heart dropped.  My friend proceeds to tell me that his mother tested positive for COVID 19!! Immediately I go into semi panic mode.  I knew what was next.  My friend had been around his mother and I had been around my friend.  OH BOY!!!!!

We immediately went into action.  We started our own contact tracing and let me make it very clear, everyone in my circle is COVID conscious. We wear masks, we wipe down with disinfectant wipes, we wash our hands, we use hand sanitizer when in public and we are not attending or having large gatherings.  Everything we can do to stay safe and keep others safe, we are doing. We knew we had to get tested as soon as possible.  Luckily Lexington Medical Center was conducting free community testing on Tuesday July 7th.  We all got tested.  My friend took his family, I took my mother and cousin. We wanted to make sure we did our part in trying to stop the spread of this deadly contagion. 

For me the test wasn’t bad at all. One quick stick in each nostril and it was over.  The only thing that has me stressed out is waiting for the results to back. I was told it should take 7 – 10 days.  I’m feeling fine, doing fine and I’m thinking positively.  Whatever the results turn out to be, the STRESS of waiting is real.  No matter how hard I try to think and be positive, there’s this little thought that keeps creeping in my mind. The “what if” question.   I can’t wait to get the results…..SIGH

This virus is real.  It is deadly.  Be smart.  Be vigilant in every move you make.  STAY SAFE. 

Continue to “dEFYLIFe by doing the right thing.

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NFL players in a 2020 make-or-break season:

We have talked a lot about breakout NFL players, most improved position groups and all that kind of stuff. Now I want to shift the focus more towards players, who aren’t in a position where they are locked in as long-time contributors for their respective teams and will be entering a crucial season in their careers.

Those can be young players not living up to their draft status, guys in a contract year wanting to earn another lucrative deal or long-time veterans trying to stick around. I called this a make-or-break season for these players because they aren’t at a point, where people recognize them as some of the best players at their position. So you won’t see necessarily see players on the franchise tag, trying to earn that long-term contract for big money, but rather guys who could also be labelled as draft busts or washed up veterans.

Here is the list:

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Top 10 offensive lines in the NFL heading into 2020:

Talking about the most improved position groups in the NFL last week inspired me to look at one of those in particular and list my top ten units. For this exercise I tried to look at all these offensive lines in a vacuum – how well they execute certain run schemes, how diverse they can be or how great they are with their bread-and-butter and of course how well they protect the quarterback. While I support my case with certain statistics and advanced numbers in particular, solely going by the stats would be a huge mistake, since that would mean the Rams allowing the fewest amount of sacks qualifies them as the top pass-blocking line or the Giants almost had a top five run-blocking unit, even though Saquon Barkley routinely had to make people miss in the backfield and Daniel Jones averaging over six yards a carry certainly helped.

Instead, I’m trying to go through the starting five individually, then talk about their strengths and weaknesses and just some of the plays they run routinely. I have to project the starting lineups a little here and there will be some battles for specific spots during whatever we will have from training camp. That’s why I mention the key backups as well, which could feature guys who will be in the starting lineup week one. Under the new CBA, teams are now allowed to dress at least two more players on gamedays and another one if the active roster includes at least offensive linemen. So the strategy teams are going to choose will be interesting to me and I would expect a lot more groups carrying eight linemen on Sundays.

And just to make this clear – this is a projection of what I think will be the top ten O-lines in 2020, even though I will often reference to what they did last season and beyond.

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Most improved position groups in the NFL for 2020:

As I’ve been working through every NFL roster to point out their biggest remaining need(s) and which players could break out for them in 2020, I wanted to look at this from a different angle. Therefore, I compared the rosters from a year to the ones heading into this upcoming season and tried to figure out who has improved the most at every single position.

For this piece, I am considering top-end play a depth. Players that are simply coming back from injury will be weighed to a smaller degree, but that can obviously vary depending on how much or if that guy actually played for them last season.

With that being said, here is my list:

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NFL teams most likely to go from worst to first in 2020:

We have talked a lot about the draft, biggest remaining needs for every NFL team, some breakout candidates and other stuff, so let’s now get back to more of a big picture and look at some teams from an angle of where could they go next season. In this article, I am analyzing those teams that finished fourth in their division this past year and why they could win it in 2020 or land at the bottom once again, plus an outlook where I actually see them.

Of course much of this is about these eight teams and how much better or worse I feel about them than the general public, but it was heavily dependent on their three division rivals as well. The top half I could certainly see earn a playoff spot and surprise some people if everything goes right. After that a lot of my faith is more built around the lack of great competition and giving some hope to these respective fan bases. As the cliché goes – everybody is 0-0 right now.

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