The Defy Life Podcast – It’s Murdaaaaahhh!!!

This week on the Defy Life Podcast, we discuss Lashana Lynch briefly assuming the role of 007, dangerous amusement park rides, answer some NBA related listener questions and as always we wrap things up with some trivia. All that and more!

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Breakout NFL players for 2019:

With most teams a little more than a week away from starting training camps, I wanted to look at the second- or third-year players, who I think will make the biggest jumps in 2019. Obviously I did not want to name Pro Bowlers or guys with All-Pro nominations and no Rookie of the Year candidates on either side of the ball. I also didn’t include players, who already recorded 1000 yards rushing or receiving, double-digit touchdowns, sacks or similar statistics. Moreover, to avoid repeating myself, you won’t find the names of any players that made my list already last year – such as Dalvin Cook, Chris Godwin and Malik Hooker – and neither did I put down anybody that I think already pretty much broke out, even if they numbers don’t quite show that – guys like Corey Davis, O.J. Howard, Carl Lawson, Jayon Brown and Jaire Alexander come to mind. My final criteria was that the players needed to have seen the field already, which ruled out guys like Derrius Guice and Isaiah Wynn, who I had rated as first-round prospects but missed their rookie years. So with the criteria set and making clear what is necessary for a player to actually break out, here is my list:

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Damn!!! I’m looking around and everyone is laughing. Have I missed the joke? In fact, I didn’t hear a joke, or a sound. What is that feeling? Someone please pinch me. My body feels numb to the touch. I got it! I know what to do! The mirror, I’ll look into the mirror! Damn… I still don’t recognize him, or should I say myself. Is that me? Wow, I look weary and restless. However, I’m the only one that sees it. My thoughts are empty. My steps seem to be without footprints. My shadows are filled with images of who I was. The desire and passion that once consumed me doesn’t fuel me anymore. What’s my issue? I don’t like what I’ve become. Continue reading HOW DOES DEPRESSION LOOK, OR DOES IT HAVE A FACE AT ALL? 10 SIGNS OF DEPRESSION.

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