Screenings With Migs: Once Upon A Deadpool (Spoiler Free)

Wade F*****g Wilson is at it again this year, and now he has Fred Savage with him!! Once Upon A Deadpool was a fun flick. A true Deadpool movie, even with the PG-13 rating. I’m hoping that his next film isn’t reduced to that. There was some chatter about that happening if Disney acquires FOX properties. I don’t know the current situation with that however. If that does happen (please don’t), this movie proves that Deadpool can work and still be hilarious without the R rating. If you weren’t aware before, then know that this movie is not an entirely new film. It’s a retelling of Deadpool 2, with edits, language censors, and new footage that will make you crack up. The audience at the screening I went to last night had a really good time. The gags and the quips had us laughing together. The scenes with Fred Savage are really good. The way the narrative played out was well written into what already existed. I would recommend watching Deadpool 2 before you see this one, if you haven’t done so. You’ll have context going into Once Upon, and you will be able to compare and contrast. I’m not sure if this is being shown in any premium formats, but you can see this in a regular format on a discount day and be fine. I’m sure Deadpool and Marvel fans are in for this, but if you are a casual viewer check it out as well. I’ll be seeing this again. Make you you stay until the very very end.

I went to a double feature of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 in Decatur, Alabama. If you’d like to read the review, here’s the link:

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The Defy Life Podcast Episode 87 – Christmas Gifts & Conspiracy Theories

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NFL Power Rankings heading into 2018’s fourth quarter:

I usually like to do my power rankings after the first four weeks, where I feel like I have a beat on who these teams are, and then with about four games left, because I can already look ahead to potential playoff implications and how I think these squads could perform down the stretch. At this point of the season the records of all these teams are pretty indicative of where they stack up against each other, but that makes it even more crucial to compare teams with the same records, because not all schedules are built the same and not all teams are as good or bad as they seem like on paper. For the purpose of this edition I wanted to focus on the teams in the actual playoff race, so the criteria for me to analyze them more exclusively was to have at least five wins on the record, because I think you have to be at least 9-7 in both conferences to earn a Wild Card spot. With that being said, here are my power rankings heading into a crucial week 14:

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