Defy Life NFL Picks: Week 11

The picks are in! Let’s see how we look for week 11!

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Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC Episode 6- The X-Men.

This week we come at you talking all things X-men and give some of our favorites throughout the years. Continue reading Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC Episode 6- The X-Men.

Separating contenders from pretenders:

Through ten weeks of the NFL season I feel like we have a pretty good image of all teams, but a lot of them share similar records while not being on the same level as the others and it’s time to differentiate between them. This discussion is not about teams like the Saints, Rams or Chiefs, who have only lost one game and neither are we talking about Giants, Cardinals or 49ers, who have only won twice. This is about separating the middle of the pack, meaning all teams from a .500 record to twice as many wins as losses. With that in mind, all these teams are still in the hunt for a Wildcard Spot or in some cases even a division crown right now, but some of them are tricking us with their record and you see that they are not as good a football team when you look at the numbers and watch the tape. So which of these nine teams are actually ready to make a playoff run and which of them just pretend to be?

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Screenings With Migs: Widows (Spoiler Free)

4 women, left in dire straits after a failed heist resulted in the death of their husbands. The plot that unfolds as a result was truly gripping!

I was looking forward to Widows ever since I saw the teaser trailer earlier this year. Trust me when I say I have been very giddy talking about this movie, telling people I know that this film was going to be tough! I was right!!! Continue reading Screenings With Migs: Widows (Spoiler Free)

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